Weather Neue is a beautifully crafted minimalist app for iOS! [Review]

There are nearly hundreds of weather apps out there on the iTunes App Store. But only those which are unique in design stand out of the crowd. And today, we’ve identified one of the kind, Weather Neue for iOS. Let’s take this app on a roll now for a very quick review.

Weather Neue is an app developed by an Indian Developer called Switch Soft Technologies, which is based out of Hyderabad. The developers have come out with one simple mission for this app, which is to provide the weather report, in one single glance for free, with important information flowing from top to bottom with the font size reducing gradually.

To the point weather information

Weather Neue provides all the essential information you want in one single glance. There’s no navigation of gestures to play through with the app. When you launch the app, you’re greeted with one single screen, which displays the weather information of your current location. The temperature count randomly jumps to its highs and lows, until the app gets the weather information from the server. But once it gets the weather information, the main screen is shown, with the current temperature, followed by the humidity level, wind speed, infact the direction and all these information is neatly followed by the four day weather forecast.

The app offers four beautiful themes for the users. The themes can be chosen by tapping the location, which is displayed at the top, and a settings screen pops up from the bottom of the app, pushing the main screen backward. The animations are really good and we must admit, the app has been well thought out! The settings screen lets you select between four themes – Scorched, Cloudy, Twilight and Old LCD.

The new app is perfect for those who wants to get a quick overview of the weather information in their area. Right from the icon to the settings page of the app, everything has been beautifully crafted to perfection. But there’s a lot of scope for new features that could be added to the app in the future. For now, this app has replaced my stock weather app on my iPhone!

Download Weather Neue for Free from App Store

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