iOS6 Beta 3 Brings VIP Mailbox & Shared Photo Stream to iPhone 3GS and Ability to view Photos on iCloud Website!

The latest iOS 6 Beta 3 update brings in some features which were missing in the previous Betas. The iPhone 3GS has got VIP Mailbox and Shared Photo Stream and the iCloud website has now got the ability to view the Shared Photo Streams online!

Apple has pushed the iOS 6 beta 3 to the developers today, and the new beta brings in some notable features like VIP Mailbox and other features to the iPhone 3GS. Moreover, the changelog has extended to the iCloud website too. The users who has access to their friends’ shared photo stream will now be able to view the pictures online at

This is not all, the new update also brings a dedicated Maps settings in Settings app on the iOS device, enabling the users to customize some settings of the Maps application! The Safari has also got a glyph icon for iCloud Tabs syncing and also, the users have now moved on to emails instead of, which is good.

The Maps app is getting better and better and also, the vectors are now minimalistic and smoother when compared to the previous versions of Maps app! I’ve been exploring the new build now, and I’ll keep this post updated as and when I find something interesting!

Source: The 4Cast

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