Tim Cook reveals some information about Apple’s secrecy and Siri at D10! [Excerpts]

The Annual D10 Conference happened today, and it was Tim Cook who opened the conference and he has revealed some information about the upcoming updates to Siri and also, about how he looks at Apple and also, how he expects to maintain thew secrecy in the company.

It was Walt and Kara who were trying to pull words from Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. Sometimes, it went bad, as Tim moved on to next question without event reacting to Walt’s question and there were also moments where Walt was not able to react to Tim’s reply. But still, they managed to get some information about the upcoming updates to Siri.

Responding to a question that Kara asked, Tim Cook said,

“We’re going to double down on secrecy on products.”

Well, while this means that Tim Cook is not of the type we’ve had in our minds. And aslo, he also said that there are some more products coming in this year and with WWDC scheduled to happen in the next few days, Tim Cook also teases:

“We’re going to introduce some great stuff. I think you’re gonna love it.”

While this looks exciting, he also let some information about the rumors about the upcoming Apple TV. He told that if that’s the need of the hour, Apple would tend to do so!

Talking about the Console business, Tim Cook says:

Gaming has kind of evolved a bit. More people play on portable devices. Where we might go in the future, we’ll see. Customers love games. I’m not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming. But Apple is a big player today and things in the future will only make that bigger.

And, here comes the interesting part. When Walt asked Tim Cook about the Siri and how is it doing in the industry, he said:

I think you’ll be really pleased with some of the things coming over the coming months. The breadth of it. We have a lot that Siri can do.

Well, now that there’s some tease from the CEO himself, the expectations for WWDC 2012 is really high now. We are going to be there from the event. And what’s more? We just need to wait for those huge announcements from Tim Cook at WWDC12 this year.

Update: Here’s the small excerpt of Tim Cook talking about Steve Jobs:

The schedule for WWDC is already out. And if you are attending the conference, just download this app and mark your favorite sessions.

Excerpts from: The Verge

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