Google launches Knowledge Graph. A new Search Platform that is pretty intelligent!

Here’s something that Google rolled out today. The search engine giant has launched a new platform called KNowledge Graph, a new intelligent Search Platform that provides users with an in-depth and close enough results to the search queries.

Google search results are now displaying search results that are rich in information than it was previously. The search results page now displays instant results bringing up as much information as possible for your search query. We tried searching for Steve Jobs and it brought up all the facts, pictures and other essential information you’d need about him in the search results.

Now, Google has become more tied up with some data services like Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, Freebase and much more of services like these. These are good signs that the effort to get an appropriate result would reduce when compared to the search results that are returned now.

Google has also put up an introductory video explaining what could be the future of search results like these. It also says that this is just a baby step in a future towards Star Trek Computing. We think this is pretty exciting and would revolutionize the search industry once again!

You can try searching for Steve Jobs for yourself. And also try doing a search for The 4Cast

Source: Google

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