YouTube automatically converts 1080p videos for 3D viewing. 4D coming soon!

Google has officially announced that YouTube is now converting all the short 1080p videos for 3D viewing for the viewers and has also revealed that the 4D technology is also just around the corner. The world’s largest video sharing service now gives an option to the users to switch to 3D viewing. There are thousands of videos already available for 3D viewing since YouTube launched this feature as beta last year.

The blogpost also reveals how this conversion works and how well these take effect in projecting a 3D video. It uses a very highly complex technologies which combines the videos characters from colors and spatial layout and map them to the depth and motion axis to produce a 3D view of the same video.

The conversion happens on the Google’s servers which consumes a lot of energy for doing it. Talking more about how these are converted, the company reveals:

“Breaking up a video into tiny chunks of data and processing them in parallel on Google’s cloud infrastructure lets us process these videos, while still producing the quality you expect,”

What’s more? YouTube has also got the 4D, 5D and 6D video conversion just around the corner and they have also revealed a sample 4D video.

London Eye 4D TV Commercial

YouTube Rewind 2011 – 3D Video

Source: YouTube Global Blog

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