How to Disable Java on Mac OS X to prevent Malware injection!

Here’s how to disable Java on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion, to prevent your Mac from getting infected with Malware threats.

Note: This is a post under Mac Malware Protection Series, brought to you by The 4Cast and The Geek Center!

There are some malware that are floating around the internet for Mac OS X. And Java could be a potential source for letting in a malicious code. To prevent it, all we could do is disable Java for a while until you get some job done without it. But then, Apple has already applied a fix for these Malware, but for supported Macs and Operating systems only.

An average user does not require Java for his day to day activities, and they could just disable Java completely on your Mac. Here’s how you could do so. Disabling Java would prevent malicious attacks from being performed on your Mac.

How to Disable Java on Mac OS X [Across the System]

The steps are pretty simple and straight forward:

  • Open the Applications folder and then open the Utilities folder
  • Launch the “Java Preferences” application
  • Uncheck the box next to “Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications”
  • Uncheck all the boxes next to “Java SE #” in the list below

This would disable Java across your Mac. And remember to enable the checkbox if you need to get something done with Java!

This is a part of Mac Malware Protection Series. Brought to you by The 4Cast and The Geek Center!


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