Google dumps Google Docs for Google Drive! Gives 5GB of Free Storage to all users!

Google has unveiled the much hyped product from the company, the Google Drive. But the company has completely migrated the Google Docs into Google Drive.

So, it is finally here. After hinting at the storage space that the cloud strage service from Google might give, the Google Drive landed today with a free 5GB of storage space for all its users. And as expected the online file storage service gives the users a 5GB of free storage space and also offers some pretty descent premium plans to get more storage!

But after getting our hands-on with the product, we can surely say that Google did not aim at Dropbox or any other online cloud storage service. But it aimed at bringing some cool stuff for the enterprise users. In other words, Google Docs became more powerful than ever. Users would now be able to reply to comments, store and edit large documents at the same time across locations, users can work with a large variety of document types with this service.

The plans start at $2.49/month for 25GB of space, $4.99 for 100GB of space, and $49.99/month 1TB and purchasing any of these plans would eventually expand your Gmail’s storage space to 25GB, which is looking like a very good deal.

Besides this, Google Drive also has an app for the Windows, Mac and Android. The iOS version is coming soon the app store within weeks. The app lets you seamlessly sync files across the Google Servers. There’s also a controversy going on with the ToS of Google Drive, which is making users think that Google would own all the files that are stored with this service. But we would be clarifying it pretty soon!

Download: Google Drive

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