Apple clarifies the 4G LTE confusion with Australian users. Sends out refund information for the new iPad.

Apple has started sending out the refund information to the new iPad owners and clarifies the 4G LTE capabilities and incompatibilities with the Australian networks. The largest tablet maker was accused of spreading false adverts to the users about the 4G LTE speeds in Australia and the company has quickly taken steps to clear things off before it goes out of its hands.

Apple has clarified in an email to the new iPad owners that the new iPad is incompatible with the Australian LTE or WiMAX networks, but is capable of transferring data with the existing HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSPA networks in the country. It has now offered the new iPad users that they can return their new iPad with 4G in it, before April 25th and get a full refund for the device.

With the sales numbers growing day by day for the new iPad, it is expected that many users will not be entering into this refund program. The new iPad hit 3 million sales in just three days after its launch and has seen huge success among the tablet competitors.

Source: MacRumors

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