10 million copies of Angry Birds Space downloaded by users in the first 72 hours!

Rovio has announced that they have sold over 10 million copies of Angry Birds Space game, which was released about 72 hours earlier. Though this might be a consolidated number for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, I think this is a bit of achievement and the company would now have a good cash pile with them. We are still unclear on what platforms have sold the maximum number of copies and presumably, iOS would have done a decent job in it.

May be this is the most downloaded app in a very short period of time and there’s much to be heard on this news. Angry Birds have gone from just being a game to a huge brand for all the smartphone users. Most of the users infact look for platform compatibility of playing Angry Birds on the go. Previously, the company has clocked over 500 million downloads of Angey Birds since it launch back in 2009.

If you still haven’t got a chance to get a preview of Angry Birds Space, just hit this link to view the trailer. Another important point to note is that, the game would be making its debut on Windows Phone 7 devices very soon.

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