Samsung open sources eyeCan – An Eye tracking software for the disabled!

Samsung has open-sourced the eyeCan – a software for tracking the eyes and moving the mouse cursor accordingly. The software was created by a five member crew at Samsung Creativity Lab.

Here’s a technology that takes advantage of the eyes to move the mouse pointer, opening up the door for the disabled to use computers with just their eyes. Thanks to those five members who have put in a lot of effort to make this happen at the Samsung’s Creativity Lab. The technology has been aptly names eyeCan and was developed to break the barriers for people who are paralyzed from deceases.

The team has posted a video demonstrating this technology and it actually works. We earlier posted about Tobii, a software for the Windows 8 PCs to take actions based on your eye movement.

The team behind this technology has now released the source code for anyone to develop their own solution and they have also got plans to release D.I.Y kits for people to develop the solution on their own with less technical knowledge. What’s more amazing is that, with the help of this technology, you can actually travel through Google Street View with your eyes. This has surely opened the doors for a lot of developers to develop their own solutions for the disabled. If you are looking to grab the source code of this eyeCan, head over to their website and get your copy of it.

Project Page: eyeCan
Source: Samsung Tomorrow, SammyHub
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