Apple officially announces a Media event on March 7th!

Apple has just sent us out invites for the the special media event that is scheduled to happen on March 7th at Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco.

The rumors were finally true. Apple has officially sent out invites to us and other media to showcase the launch of something that they think we would not want to miss seeing and touching. As usual, the ad was iconic and it displays a finger touching a calendar icon dated 7th Wednesday.

Sine we have got out invites, we would be there along with The 4Cast team to cover the event live from San Francisco. The iPad 3 is expected to come with a HD Retina display and also LTE enabled with loads of added features.

This would be the first iPad launch in the absence of Steve Jobs and without his guidance. We are expecting some changes in the way the product gets unveiled. But as Steve has earlier told us, These small things are in the Apple’s DNA and we wish those dramatic product unveilings would still happen!

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