How to rearrange or remove icons from Mac’s Menu Bar!

Here’s how you could re-arrange or remove icons from your Mac OS X’s Menu Bar as you wish. This trick works on Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard as well. 

Do you think your apps are making your Mac’s Menu Bar dirty and want to re-order them or in-fact remove them? Well, there’s a way for that in Mac OS X. The trick is really Simple. All you need to do is, just Hold the Command (?) key and at the same time, Drag the icon you want to re-arrange or the icon you want to remove. Dragging an icon out of the Menu Bar will remove it from the Menu Bar, whereas dragging it towards the sides will re-arrange them.

This trick would help for re-arranging or removing icons of almost all the applications. But some applications’ icons will not be draggable and Using the Command key will not do the trick. And as you might expect, the Spotlight’s icon will not be movable or removable. But there’s a trick to remove the Spotlight’s icon from the Mac’s Menu Bar, but I think we all use Spotlight over and over again!

If you are such a geek and run a lot of apps on your Mac, then the apps would consume a lot of space on the Menu Bar, making it look clustered. This trick will do the work for you! Let us know if you find some more interesting tips at the comments section!

  • IURabah

    this doesn’t really work for a lot of icons such as dropbox or alfred, but works nicely with the system icons 🙂

  • loadedmind

    Doesn’t work.

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