How to Force Close an application on your iOS device?

An app is not responding or stuck? Your iOS device has got the option to Force Close an active application and clear up the memory that the app has occupied. 

As we all know, the App Store is the only place to make our iOS device powerful and fortunately or unfortunately, it has got millions of apps to choose from. But sometime, either due to some bad coding practices or due to some incompatibilities, some apps tend to consume so much memory that usual and they get stuck while working.

But to sort out all these issues, the iOS has got an option to Force Close these applications and free up some memory that the app has consumed. This method works on any iOS device and eventually would work on iPhone, iPad and the iPod. This would eliminate the number of times we reboot the iOS device just to kill off some apps and free up memory to make the device run cool.

How to Force Close an application on your iOS device?

The steps are simple. Following this method would close the application forcefully.

[alert_box type=”General”]If you have been working on something important on the app you are trying to close, please make sure you save the data somehow. Since foreclosing an application would not save the data.[/alert_box]
  1. Keep holding the Sleep Button until the screen shows “slide to power off”
  2. Release the Sleep button and keep holding the Home Button
  3. Hold it until the app disappears from the screen and until you are taken back to the home screen

This would close the app that you were stuck with.

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