How to Completely Close apps in Windows Phone 7.5 [Updated]

You need to take one extra step to close the Background apps from Multitasking Window on your Windows Phone 7. This is a part of the Windows Phone 7 How-To Series!

I recently reviewed the new Nokia Lumia 800 recently and this phone runs a cool new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and there are some UI and UX features that you need to get used to before you could use the phone closing your eyes.

The back button is really powerful when it comes to Windows Phone 7 devices and the Lumia 800 has luckily got one! If you have been following the blog for sometime, you would have read about How to switch between apps in Windows Phone 7.5. And now, you probably need to know how to close the app completely that are running in the background on your Windows Phone 7.5.

How to Close apps on your Windows Phone 7.5 device?

This is pretty simple. But as I said, you need to go a step further to make this task done. Here’s how you could close the apps:

  1. Choose the app you want to close. [Bring it to the front]
  2. Now, Double tab the Back button on your device.
  3. That’s it. The app is now closed. If you need to confirm if you have closed the app completely, just tap and hold the Back button and check whether the app is still showing up in the Multitasking Window!

This is a part of the Windows Phone 7.5 How-To series and you can follow this Tag to read other reviews! If you need to know something on the usability front on your Windows Phone, just drop a comment and I will help you out!

Update: Looks like this feature has been removed or missing from the recent updates. All you can do now is to just press the back button. And Windows Phone is yet to support a full-fledged multi-tasking mechanism!

  • Thanks for the nice little tutorial. Honestly, even I was not aware of such trick to close down running apps on my Windows Phone

  • MatGreenfield

    This doesn’t work for me. Double-tapping the back button just takes me back two steps in the app or menu I’m on :/

    •  @MatGreenfield May be Nokia removed this in their update?

      • JerMingChen

         No, this feature was never existed. Before Mango, I thought I could clear the entire Back List by double-tapping, it wasn’t. It only gives you such illusion when you rapid-tapping Back frequently to give you such illusion. There is no such feature.
        Also there is no closing app. The apps in Back History are not running at all. They are only screenshot pointing to a hibernated app state. This applys for all 3rd party apps and OEM apps. Only apps like IE, Photo, Alarm, and other Windows Phone internal apps are multi-threaded. It is part of the new security policy since WP is rebranded.

  • albyantony

    I have the Lumia 900 and I’m finding this quite annoying, after using IE on the phone, I can not exit out of IE other than going through all the pages I browsed through. The double tap on the back button doesnt seem to work 🙁 

  • gunmetalskyline

    Actually this seems to work for me and I tried on the Lumia 900. If you open up an app and then double tap to close, then open up the multitasking (hold back key) you’ll notice in the multitasking menu the app is no longer present.  I assume this means the app is closed.

  • laperuta

    It works for me on Omnia W.
    Thanks for the trick.
    Bye bye

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