Need to know what flights are flying above you right now? Siri can tell you that!

Siri, with the help of Wolfram Alpha can tell you what flights are flying right above your head in the sky. Not only that, but also detailed information such as latitude and flight names.

Apple’s another best innovation is probably Siri. And there are a lot of things that Siri can do. Like starting a thermostat in the room, to telling a story to you. But what if you want to know what’s right above your head? Well, Siri can fetch that information for you!

Wolfram Alpha, along with Siri on your iPhone 4S can provide you the information on what’s right above your head on the sky. It give you some really cool information like the Flight Name, Flight Number, Flight Path, the latitude at which the flight is flying and the angle at which it’s flying from your position. This trick is made with your GPS and Wolfram Alpha and Siri.

The Wolfram Alpha’s new Travel Assistant App also helps with this functionality. If you aren’t aware, Wolfram Alpha incorporated real-time flight data with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). But this comes with a slight restriction. The data will be displayed with a 5 minute delay from FAA for security reasons.

The flights’ route map

You need to have Wolfram Alpha installed on your iPhone 4S to get this thing working! Get it from the app store for $4.99

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