Google Docs Presentations gets refreshed with 50 new features. Includes 3D transitions!

Google has unveiled a new Early preview of their Google Docs, with over 50 new features, that include 3D transitions, new animations, themes and much more.

Google has officially unveiled an early preview of their next version of Google Docs Presentations today on their blog. The new version comes with a whole lot of cool features like 3D transitions, new animations for presentations, themes and rich tables.

Google previously introduced Drawings in Google Docs Presentations sometime back and had a very welcoming response from the users. Google has claimed that over 50 new features have been incorporated into the new Docs and will really excite its users.

One notable feature is the introduction of flowcharts and rich tables for presentations, that will allow you to easily forget the desktop version of Microsoft Powerpoint. The new features can be enabled front he Google Docs Settings page and by clicking the check box to “Create new presentations using the latest version of the presentation editor.”

You need to note that these features are available only for the modern browsers. And old browsers will not be able to edit the documents that has rich media content, since these are rendered in real-time with HTML 5.


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