Shutdown and Restart in Windows 8 [How-To]

Windows 8 has kicked off well and many users are happy with Microsoft brave new effort. But there seems to be a glitch due to this UI changes in the new Windows 8. This is the first of the series of the Windows 8 tutorials that are in-line at your very own Geek Center! 

I spent a considerable amount of time searching for some of the very basic functions that Microsoft Windows is known for. The Sleep, Shutdown and Restart buttons has been consumed by the new Metro UI that Microsoft brought in. May be, they would fix it in the next update? We need to wait until then.

Without any further delay, lets get into how to get access to these options which have been made hidden by the Metro UI. Since Windows 8 sports a cool new Metro UI, and Microsoft thinks that its users’ system uptime is huge (as if they pay our bills), they have added only FEW option to access these controls.

We could access the Shutdown, Restart and Sleep functions via two methods.

  1. Hover on the Start Orb and you would get a menu with options to Restart, Sleep and Shutdown
  2. Use the default Alt+F4 key combination to terminate all open applications and finally your PC
There are also some more methods, which would involve a few more steps to access these three functionalities. Whatever, the Task Manager is not killed, you can very well use the Ctrl+Del+Alt key combination to fire-up the task manager and then shutdown your PC.

Access Restart, Shutdown from Start menu:

As you know, the start menu is now the Metro UI, here’s how you could Restart or Shutdown your PC from the Metro UI:

Take your mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the screen. This would popup some options as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on the Settings. This actions would give you a sidebar on the right containing some options.

Choose Power. It will popup two options. Restart and Shutdown.

Hope this helps. Some more posts are coming up on the Windows 8 front. Stay tuned, Follow Windows 8 on your Geek Center!


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