How to use Save As features in Mac OS X Lion?

With the introduction of the Auto-save and Resume features in Mac OS X Lion, it looks like it has lost it’s regular Save-As feature on almost all Lion compatible applications. Here’s how you could use the new feature instead.

The Save-As feature is one of the most essential feature in any OS, but looks like the new Mac OS X Lion requires one more extra step to access this feature again.

But of course, the new Auto-Save feature helps you from saving your document regularly, preventing you from data loss. But still, we might sometimes want to save our document in a different format, or some other location.

If you still want to use the existing features, without Save As, you can very well plan in advance to use which version you want, and then restore it later or make a copy of the file before you edit it.

How to use the new Save As (Duplicate) feature in Mac OS X Lion:

This is quite different. The Mac OS X Lion now has a new feature called “Duplicate”. This feature is now the new Save As feature. All you need to do is to duplicate the document you want, and then keep working on the current version of the document. When you Duplicate a document, it will save a copy of the current document in the same source folder as that of the document you are duplicating.

However you cannot save the document in another format. I’m writing a small script that you ask you to duplicate your file in desired file type. I will update you soon!

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    To get a “Save As” simulation: simply hold down the “control” key and use your mouse on the dropdown menu to save. It will open a dialogue box so you can rename, or select alt location.

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