Facebook to discontinue ‘Discussions app’ on Pages from October 31st

Facebook has been notifying Page owners that it has planned to take off the Discussions app on October 31st. 

Facebook has been making some tremendous changes to its website and as a part of it, the company has made a choice to remove the Discussions App that comes by default in Facebook Pages. This comes as a part of their trim down activity to cut short unwanted or not so popular services.

Facebook feels that they are making Pages Better. Facebook Pages has grabbed tremendous attention lately and haven’t been updated for so long. This shows that the team has been working on the Facebook Pages and are now making some improvements to it. The company will now turn their focus on the Facebook Pages wall, making it a main stream area to connect and encourage conversation with audience.

Here’s the message that popped up today at our Facebook Fan Page:

I will keep you posted about the changes that are coming up on the Facebook’s front. You can give the blog a like at Facebook here.

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