How to turn off notifications in Notification Center [iOS 5]

This article will help you turn off the Notifications in the Notification Center on your iOS 5 devices. Turning off notifications have become a longer process than normal when compared to iOS 4.

Notification Center seems to be the most talked about feature of iOS 5. Everything looks perfect except for the ease of switching off the notifications with one button which we had in iOS 4. Switching off the notifications in iOS 5 with a single tap is not possible now.


Why was that feature removed?
The main reason for the button to be removed is that, notification center now controls your Phone, Calendar and Messages notifications.
So, switching off all the notifications will leave these essential notifications off.

How can I switch off Notifications then?
Even though we love the Notification Center now, we might need to switch off some notifications sometime. Remember, the notification center still consumes battery power. With the new release of iOS 5 beta, you can now switch off notifications individually for apps and not as a whole. Here’s how you can do.

  1. Tap the Settings app from the Springboard and navigate to Notifications section.
  2. Select the app for which you want the notifications to be turned off. I’m taking Twitter in my case. The screenshot below shows the initial setup of the app’s notification settings.The Notification Center and View in Lock Screen option lets you choose if you want the app’s notifications to be shown in notification center and lock screen respectively. The Alert Style lets you choose if you want the old alert style (Alerts) or the new Banners style or Disabled.
  3. Tap the Notification Center so that it turns off. Choose the Alert Style as None and turn off the Badge App Icon and Sounds. This turns off all the notifications of the app.
  4. To check if the notifications are completely off, go back and you will see the app under Not in notification center with the status as Off.

This looks like a negative change, but gives the user a full control of the notifications!

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  • bah

    This does not just *look* like a big step back…it *is* a big step back. There is a clear, compelling use case for turning off notifications — going to sleep, and not wanting to be bothered by every Words with Friends or Twitter update, but still wanting to be reachable by phone.

    Instead of one button to press, iOS5 now has 5 x the number of applications of actions required. That is, quite frankly, stupid.

    • dori

      I agree! It’s now just a total pain in the a**! We should at least have BOTH options… a ‘Turn off all’ button as well. 🙁

  • Tom

    I just want to stop the annoying notification center tab from opening any time I happen to move my finger near the top of the screen. This seems stupid to me.

  • JooraSong

    iphone shouldn’t have notification center at all. all it does is annoy the hell out of user.

  • JooraSong

    iphone shouldn’t have notification center at all. all it does is annoy the hell out of user.

  • @JooraSong I think that’s the best part of iOS 5. And also, iPhone wouldn’t be so powerful without notifications. This is my personal opinion though! 🙂

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