How to manage devices associated with your iCloud account?

There are some complications and limitations when you have multiple Apple IDs syncing with your device. Here’s how you could overcome that.

iTunes 10.5 has brought us some significant changes to manage your devices. And once such feature is the new iCloud, that is capable of syncing apps wirelessly across devices. I’ve already posted about what’s new in iTunes in the following posts:

With the new iTunes, you can now manage the devices that are associated with iCloud. I’ve reported earlier that you will not be able to change the device you associated with an Apple account for 90 days!


iTunes now shows the days remaining to be free some the 90 days restriction. You can now manage your device from iTunes for iCloud and you can remove them if you want to disable iCloud for that device. This is a great feature if you are having two or more devices associated with iCloud.

The iTunes warning for devices that are syncing with your iCloud ID
Removing devices associated with iCloud ID

I’m still exploring on the new features that are available on iTunes and iCloud and iOS 5. Until then, you can subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me on twitter (@ImKarthikK)

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