Save Our Tigers! I’m roaring, Are you?

Tigers, The majestic animal is the National Animal of India. But now, there are only 1411 tigers across the country. As an Indian, I have joined the Save Our Tigers initiative. I’ve joined the Roar! Are you? This post is dedicated to the cute tigers who are still waiting for their parents who went for hunt! Love you tiger! Love you India!

Tiger 1

Tiger 2

Tiger 4

Dancing Tiger Cubs

Tiger 5

White Tigers

Big Fish Or White Tiger

The Tiger

White Tiger 1

White Tiger Couple

White Bengal Tiger

White Tiger - Caldwell Zoo

White Tigers, Singapore Zoo

Mirage Las vegas White Tiger

White Tiger 2

White Tiger Love

White Tiger 3

White Tiger Couple 2

White Tiger On A Rock

White Tiger At Wildlife Paradise Park

Panthera Tigris White Tiger In The Rain

White Bengal Tiger 2

White Tiger 4

White Tiger 5

Baby Tigers

Baby Royal White tiger

Baby Tiger 1

Baby Tiger 2

Baby Tigers

Digital Arts

Digital Tiger 1

Digital Tiger 2

Love Tiger

Winter Tiger

Tiger Instincts

Digital Tiger 3

Digital Tiger 4

Digital Tiger 5

Tiger Burning

Urban Tiger Warrior

Magic Tiger Copic Play

Tiger Gold

Character Design: Tiger

Tiger Boy

Chinese Arts and Paintings

2010 Chinese New Year

Chinese Tiger

Chinese Tiger Painting

Colourful Tiger Ornaments

A Herd of Tigers

The Eighteen Luo Han - Tiger Detail

Traditional Arts

Traditional Tiger 1

Paper Tiger

Traditional Tiger 2

Traditional Tiger 3

Tiger Floats By

Traditional Tiger 4

White Tiger

Siberian Tiger

Traditional Tiger 5

A Tiger

(Via Web Design Booth.)

  • Priscy

    Really awesome pics!!!!!! Keep going….. and I”ll try my best to save our tigers by creating awareness among people 🙂

  • Carlos Gardener

    Why saving those useless, coward, stinky dangerous beasts, They love killing poeple, they must be exterminated…

    • Aravind S

      Lol! How are you useful sir?

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