Safari Leaves Beta ! With some good changes !

One of the most popular browser Apple Safari left the beta stage today. Apple calls it “The World’s Fastest Browser” now. And I found only one UI change in the Safari 4 Final. They have included a “Loading” symbol in the address bar. Below is the screenshot of the UI Change.

SafariThe next big UI change is the tab, that now originates from the top of the favorites bar. The screenshot below shows this change.


Another thing is that Safari integrates well with Windows 7. The open tabs are shown in the IE 8 fashion in the SuperBar of Windows 7.


These were the three major changes that I saw in the Safari 4 (Stable) from Safari 4 Beta. Im happy that Apple Safari integrates well with Windows 7. And the fonts are way good crispy when compared to IE8 and Mozilla. The start page is of great use for those who use bookmarks to access their frequently visited sites.  Im exploring the Safari still and would post back as soon as I find something interesting and different soon!

Safari-> A decent looking, rich UI, fast browser from Apple !

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